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UCLA Bruincorps

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UCLA BruinCorps was launched in 1997 to provide service to the Los Angeles community and learning opportunities for UCLA students. UCLA BruinCorps is a community service learning program of UCLA Student Affairs that consists of two programs, Tutoring and the VISTA Project. Each has the goal of providing equal access to educational opportunities to under-resourced communities in Los Angeles County. BruinCorps members are committed to serving the needs of the community, most significantly the youth. Commitment to service and to community is the hallmark of a BruinCorps member. BruinCorps members help students to see that college is attainable by serving as role models.


The UCLA BruinCorps mission is to leverage the power of community service-learning and civic engagement to improve the educational achievement of students from disadvantaged communities.  Through service, tutors and VISTAs provide program participants with transformative educational experiences; simultaneously BruinCorps staff members develop as global citizens, strengthen their leadership skills, and gain requisite competencies to help them persist through their path from higher education into their chosen professions.


BruinCorps serves a dual purpose for UCLA broadly, and Student Affairs and Enrollment Management specifically.  As a service to the Los Angeles community, it is a two-pronged response to the relatively low levels of academic achievement of educationally disadvantaged students in California.  The tutoring program employs UCLA work-study students to provide academic support to under-performing K-12 students with a focus on literacy in the elementary school years and algebra readiness in middle and high school.  The AmeriCorps VISTA program utilizes recent college graduates to establish and maintain college centers in under-resourced schools and community-based organizations.  BruinCorps programs develop organizational capacity while preparing pre-college students for educational success by enhancing their academic skills and guiding them to eligibility for college admission.

Our Programs

  • Prepare children in under-resourced communities for educational success by enhancing their academic skills
  • Foster a lifelong commitment to community service.
  • Provide access to educational incentives and awards for involvement in service learning
  • Guide youth to eligibility for college admission and inform parents and youth of financial aid resources