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The Gang Reduction & Youth Development (GRYD) program incorporates a comprehensive approach to reducing gang crime and violence while improving youth development. The program provides assessments, counseling, case management and education to address underlying risk factors.  GRYD provides free transportation from 107th Street to the WLCAC Center and from the center to each scholars home. Participants are assigned a mentor and have opportunities to engage in activities and excursions that promote a positive self image and setting obtainable goals for the future.  



We empower GRYD members to make healthier choices to improve their lives and communities. We primarily serve youth and young adults who are having difficulties ranging from issues at school, emotional expression, substance abuse, family dynamics, anxiety, and depression. The program provides a safe space where members can share their thoughts and feelings.      


The GRYD program partners with the community, parents and anyone in the young person’s family. We engage with potential members and create plans to meet the needs of the family. Some of the services include mediation and conflict resolution; wrap around services, family planning, and communication workshops. We actively seek to promote peace-building with active members impacting the GRYD zone. Some of the programing includes community beautification projects, drug and alcohol educational campaigns, and human trafficking awareness campaigns. Through these campaigns we partner with the young person and engage the community to make a better tomorrow.