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Magnet Teachers
Contact Karena Flores  Karena Flores Magnet Coordinator
Contact Jeri Jorgeson-Zwibel  Jeri Jorgeson-Zwibel Teacher
Contact Sonya Mitchell (Williams)  Sonya Mitchell (Williams) Teacher
Contact Kristin Pohlmann (Ott)  Kristin Pohlmann (Ott) Teacher


107th's Magnet Program

107th Street STEAM Magnet provides every scholar in 1st-5th grade with an iPad or Chromebook to use as a tool for learning. Our instructional program seeks to integrate technology as a tool to cultivate 21st century communication skills with scholars learning how to use Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Classroom . Technology is also an integral tool to provide our students with differentiated learning opportunities with various blended learning programs including: Lexia, Raz-Kids, Achieve 3000 and Zearn. Our teachers strive to cultivate a love for science through hands on simulations and experiments that help our scholars to answer real world questions.

What are Magnet Programs?

Magnet Programs are Court-ordered voluntary integration opportunities available to students in grades K-12, living within the LAUSD boundaries. Currently, there are 173 Magnet Programs located throughout the District. All District students, including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented are encouraged to apply. 

District-Paid transportation may be provided for ELEMENTARY (K-5) applicants if they reside outside a two-mile radius or outside the Magnet School attendance boundary, whichever is further.

The eligibility distance for SECONDARY students (grades 6-12) has been extended to five miles. SECONDARY students may be provided with transportation if they reside outside a five-mile radius or outside the school attendance boundary, whichever is further.